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Planning Your Retirement?  Start Here!

Years of dreaming and planning for retirement are becoming a reality for many teachers in Lambton Kent; however it is not as simple as handing in your key and walking out the door at the end of June.

Not only do teachers need to ensure they have a financial plan in place, they also need to be sure that this is the right time for them to make the move. We often talk about and plan financial aspects for retirement, but the emotional decision can be just as difficult and requires an equal amount of planning. As outlined by OTIP the 5 key retirement transitions are:

  1. Get a life outside of teaching prior to retiring.

  2. Go when you are ready.

  3. Financial planning.

  4. Take a break when you leave.

  5. Refresh and renew relationships.

Following these steps will help ensure a successful transition to a happy retirement.

Getting Ready To Retire?

Check out this informative Webinar on the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, hosted by ETFO Staff Officers: Jennifer Mitchell and Dave Wing.


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