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Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice committee shall consist of such Members as deemed necessary by the

 Local Executive;

  •  shall be appointed as needed by the Local Executive;

  • shall be responsible for developing activities/programs to address Equity issues of ETFO Members and their students.  Included, but not limited to, will be activities/programs dealing with:

    •  Human Rights

    • Aboriginal Education

    • Anti-Racist Education

    • Disability Issues

    • Gender Issues

    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Members

  • shall prepare and submit a report for the Local Annual Meeting.

Part of ETFO’s mission is the education, stimulation, and transformation of provincial and local organizations to be responsive to the diverse needs of the membership, and to be a positive influence for change at a societal level.  ETFO strives to reflect diversity in all aspects of its operations. The equity work of the organization flows from one of the priorities of the Federation and the definition of equity adopted by the Executive:

  • One of ETFO's priorities is " promote social justice in the areas of peace, anti-poverty, non-violence, and equity."

  • ETFO recognizes that we live in a society characterized by individual and systemic discrimination against particular groups. Within this context, ETFO defines equity as fairness achieved through proactive measures that result in equality for all

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