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Political Action Committee

The Political Action/Public Relations Committee:


  • shall consist of such Members as deemed necessary by the Local Executive;

  • shall be appointed as needed by the Local Executive;

  • shall be responsible for activities regarding but not limited to:

    • political action

    • monitoring District School Board meetings

    • Local ETFO activities surrounding federal, provincial and municipal elections

    • Education Week activities

    • newsletters

    • public awareness of Lambton Kent ETFO

    • shall prepare and submit a report for the Local Annual Meeting.

Key Links

Proud to support the OFL Make It Fair Postcard Campaign!

Why is ETFO endorsing the NDP? 

Public opinion polls are showing that the Liberals and Premier Kathleen Wynne are down in the polls. There appears to be an overwhelming voter sentiment that it’s time for a change. If voters are, in large numbers, rejecting the Liberals, then there are really only two choices:

  • The PC Party, led by Doug Ford, promising an agenda of government spending cuts and cuts to corporate taxes, or

  • The NDP, led by Andrea Horwath, promising progressive policies, including investments in public services – child care, dental care, pharmacare and education – and making the tax system fairer through increasing corporate taxes (by one percent) and increasing the taxes of the wealthiest Ontarians.

    The PCs are leading in the polls. ETFO is taking the unprecedented step in endorsing the NDP because the stakes are high and the union is doing whatever it can to encourage members to vote so as to avoid a PC government.

  1. What are the NDP education policies?

    • Cancelling EQAO tests and working with stakeholders to develop random sample testing to identify trends.

    • Conducting a comprehensive review of the education funding formula.

    • Basing funding for special education on actual student need rather that a

      statistical model.

    • Capping Kindergarten classes at 26 students.

    • End Kindergarten/Grade 1 splits.

    • Investing $1.6 billion to address the school repair backlog.

    • Put a moratorium on school closures.

  2. How do they align with ETFO’s Building Better Schools platform?

The NDP platform aligns with many of ETFO’s key “building blocks” in the Building Better Schools platform, in particular:

  • Fair funding for public schools – NDP commits to a comprehensive review and updating the formula – in line with ETFO policy.

  • Smaller classes for all elementary students - NDP supports ETFO policy of Kindergarten cap of 26 and generally supports smaller class size but with no specific commitment to grades 4 to 8.

  • More meaningful student assessment and learning – NDP commits to cancelling EQAO (ETFO position) but also commits to some form of random sample testing (ETFO’s former position).

  • More resources for students with special needs – NDP supports funding according to actual need (ETFO position).

  • Greater focus on equal opportunity and inclusion – NDP supports curriculum that focuses on teaching Indigenous and Black culture and history.

  • A strong union voice – NDP has a number of policies in support of strengthening the ability of unions to organize.


    As mentioned earlier, materials that may be used for election campaigns are now subject to the new third party advertising rules. ETFO has printed a number of Building Better Schools brochures that can be used for local political action activities. These brochures can be requested from ETFO provincial office and used towards educating the electorate about the need for a public education friendly government. Another great resource is the Building Better Schools website that can be referred to for the key ETFO messages (

             ETFO Lawn/Window Signs - available from the LKETFO OFFICE 

          Members to Write Letters to MPPs

• Use information from Building Better Schools brochure or ETFO website.

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