Election Committee

As outlined in our Constitution and Bylaws the Committee shall consist of an Executive designate and up to five (5)


Members who are in good standing.  Members of the Election Committee shall be Members who are not standing for election.  There will be representation from Chatham Kent and Lambton.  If more than six (6) people wish to be on the committee, names will be drawn by lot. Members may serve on the Election Committee for up to three (3) consecutive terms;

  •  shall be appointed as needed by the Local Executive;

  • shall be responsible for ensuring that elections are run smoothly, effectively and fairly;

  • shall choose a chairperson, to be known as the Returning Officer, from within the committee;

  • shall provide a list of nominees for all elected positions of the Local;

  • shall conduct the elections at the Local Annual Meeting and, if necessary, any subsequent by-elections.

LKETFO SPRING ELECTIONS: for 2 year TERM September 2018 - 2020

Lambton Kent Elementary Teachers' Federation membership has re-elected by acclamation the following positions for the 2018-2020 Term:


President - Laurel Liddicoat-Newton

Vice President Kent - Sarah Hall

Vice President Lambton- Tracie Booth 

The following were elected the night of the Annual Meeting : 

Treasurer -  Jennifer McKenzie

Secretary -  Shawna-Lee Rivard

CB Chair -  Nicole Schultz 

Exec Lambton -  Erika Lopes 

                               Cindy MacKay 

                               Bethany Tiegs 

                               Carol-Lee Halocovitch 

Exec Kent- Jodi Mandeno

                    Kolette Myers 

                    Jeremy Hills 

                   Mary Podlacha 

This Executive Motion was passed on the floor of the Annual Meeting on May 24th. 
11.1 Proposed amendments to the Local Constitution and/or Bylaws must be
submitted to the Executive thirty (30) days prior to the Local Annual
11.2 The Executive shall publish all proposed amendments to the General Membership seven (7) days prior to the Local Annual Meeting.
11.3 The Constitution shall be amended if 60% of the members present at the
Local Annual Meeting vote in favour of the proposed amendment.
Motion: Moved by Jennifer McKenzie
             Seconded by Shawna-Lee Rivard 

That section 1.1.19 be added to our bylaws which states that full-time released officers are entitled to no more than five 
compensatory lieu days per school year.