Our Mission

Your Lambton Kent ETFO Teacher Local is proud to represent almost 1000 elementary teachers in Lambton and Kent Counties.

LKETFO strives to develop programs and services that both protect and enhance the working lives of our members in these challenging times for education. We work continuously to provide an environment that celebrates the diversity of our members and the students in our care. In addition to our internal work in support of members, LKETFO reaches out to the broader community to foster a climate of social justice in our communities and beyond.

Our Constitution outlines the basic principles and laws of our Local federation.  It determines the powers and duties of our organization and guarantees rights to all members.


Our Local rules adopted and approved by the membership to run the Lambton Kent Elementary Teachers' Federation.


The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario is committed to: 


  • providing an environment for members that is free from harassment and discrimination at all provincial or local Federation sponsored activities; 

  • fostering the goodwill and trust necessary to protect the rights of all individuals within the organization; 

  • neither tolerating nor condoning behaviour that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of individuals or the integrity of relationships; and 

  • promoting mutual respect, understanding and co-operation as the basis of interaction among all members.

Harassment and discrimination on the basis of a prohibited ground are violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code and are illegal. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination, as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code, at provincial or local Federation sponsored activities.